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Chatzap widget showing a conversation going on between TechVision Innovations and their customer

All you need for your AI chatbot. Batteries included.

Training Simplified

A chatbot provides answers based on what it is trained on.

Easily train one by giving the chatbot a link to your website or simply typing out what you want it to know.

Customize appearance

Easily customize how your chatbot looks to have it seamlessly blend into the style of your website.

Live preview lets you see the refreshed appearance of your widget in real-time.

Collect Leads

Your chatbot can collect leads for you to follow up on later, if you let it.

Instant Answers

Enhance customer satisfaction with quick and accurate responses to their most pressing questions.

Chatzap your website. Supercharge engagement.

Increased Engagement

Keep your visitors engaged with instant responses, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion.

24/7 Availability

Your Chatzap bot is always awake. Offer round-the-clock support without any human intervention.

Cost-Effective Solution

Reduce overhead costs associated with customer support teams and invest in areas that matter most.

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